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About Us is a unique company. We specialize in Medicare plans and represent national and regional carriers. We offer a comprehensive menu of plans to our clients and are a national company licensed in every state.

As members of the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and their Medicare Advisory Committee, we have the opportunity to express our view on Medicare issues with the Health and Human Services Administration. (The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid [CMS] is under this Federal agency. We have been successful in prompting positive changes that impact Medicare individuals with Congress and the Health and Human Services Administration (HHS). Carefully choosing the correct Medicare plan for an individual can be complicated. It is an important life decision. The details of a Medicare plan must fit that particular individual.

Our experience in the Medicare field enables us to present the Medicare complexities in clear and concise language to you. This is the key to providing all the necessary information that a person on Medicare or about to go on Medicare needs to consider. We cover:

  • Understanding Medicare's benefits
  • Knowing the details of Medicare's enrollment and benefit periods
  • Exploring all the options of enrolling in Medicare or not
  • Enrolling in other government programs for various income levels

We are required to be certified by each carrier that we represent. We regularly attend national health conferences and trainings to further enhance our knowledge of Medicare. We also provide customer service including:

  • Medicare eligibility and enrollment
  • Benefit explanation
  • Comparing current plan and premium to Medicare plans in your area
  • Determining whether the doctors accept Medicare
  • Extra help eligibility and enrollment
  • Claims assistance

Our services are at no cost to you as our fees are paid by the carriers we represent.