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Medicare FAQ's

Question: Who's watching and advocating for you to make sure you have the best Medicare plan?

Answer: We can assist you with applying for Medicare and other Medicare programs that you may be eligible for and make sure you have the plans and coverages that meet your health and financial needs.

Question: Have you spoken to a Medicare professional about your parents Medicare Insurance coverage?

Answer: It can be confusing and stressful for your parents (and you!) to navigate through all the options that will assure them of enrolling in the best Medicare plan.

Question: How do I obtain information about plans to fill the gaps in Medicare?

Answer: That's where comes in. We assess the coverage you have and discuss the best coverage for you without exceeding your budget.

Question: Did you know you could have up to 100 Medicare plans and 100 prescription plans to choose from?

Answer: This is why you need a licensed Medicare professional: to make sure you have the Medicare coverage that meets your health and financial needs


Question: How much are the services of FindMedicarePlans? Answer:

Our services are at no cost to you as our fees are paid by the carriers we represent.